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Session tributes are determined based on the nature of the session request, the length of the session, & the location.  As each scene is as unique as the individual I connect with and the chemistry that arises, I approach each contract with that in mind.  The tribute I extend to you is non-negotiable. Don't ask; I agree to session because I want to, not because I need to.  

If you'd like to bring a small gift for me to your session, I always appreciate organic dark chocolate, natural red wines.  


Other gifts are welcome as well.  My personal wardrobe fetishes include latex, leather, black lace/lingerie, lipstick, fur, & boots/fetish boots.  I am also passionate about cooking, reading, & analogue media (VHS, cassettes, records). I spend a lot of times outdoors, farming/gardening, and working on my antique home.  I love practical things.  If you'd like to take me shopping, purchase gifts or gift cards, you may write to me about what you have in mind. 

Cash tributes may be sent via Venmo (@elite_solutions) or Cashapp ($seekillumination). ***Please be very non-obvious & discrete in your note when sending virtual tribute, ie- "thank you" or "dinner". 

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