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Goddess Anesthesia


A bit about Myself...

I’m an instinctual & artful Domina, queer feminist, and certified hypnotherapist.  I'm currently based in New York's Hudson Valley, though I frequent the NYC Buroughs. 


I have devoted My life to ritualistic, spiritual, and psycho-therapuetic practices to unlock the depths of the subconscious.  I find that transcending one's perceived physical and mental limitations to reach a deeper sense of possibility in oneself is unspeakably powerful, re-orienting, and healing.  I will reveal yourself to you and hold a safe, sane space for you to discover what that means.


Specifically regarding the skillset involved in BDSM, I am lucky to name the renowned Mistress Isabella Sinclaire as one of the foundational mentors of my practice, among other wildly brilliant individuals (including my submissives!) over the years.  I humbly and curiously continue to seek & fine tune My practices at every opportunity.


With that said, I am confident that with the combination of My skills, intuition & hyper-empathy, I will find My way into the channels of both your physical body & psyche. I’m imaginative, authentic & sharp. 

It is an unquestionable drive in Me to deconstruct the hetero-patriarchy by re-routing sexual norms and showing men (and others) to their knees--and many new places. While I am down to earth and lend ease to communication and new experiences, My subtle and poignant methods will undoubtedly disarm you, push your limits, and leave you begging for mercy & more.​  What you learn from Me will transform you.  It is not uncommon for My submissives to find themselves connecting with increasingly deeper connections to both purpose and joy the deeper they surrender.

Taking time to establishing intimacy and appropriate pacing are integral to My process—and I prefer you feel the same if you are interested in requesting a session with Me.  I consider all applicants, though I am discerning in who I proceed to session with.  It is important to Me that we have a connection.  I prefer and prioritize longer sessions, on-going relationships, and familiarity to shorter sessions, as these relationships are most satisfying to Me.  Still, I will consider all polite and well-formed inquiries that appeal to Me.  

I am open and available to connect with all races, genders, body types, sexual-orientations, & couples, without discrimination.  Though I enjoy the dungeon setting and have several options for meeting places, I am thrilled to connect in creative locations and for public outings.  I am also open to travel, in due time and at my discretion.

I truly relish—a great many approaches to scaling you and your ego down to size and reprogramming unsavory behaviors keeping you from awakening.  

My Interests

My interests include, but are not limited to:

Hypnosis:  (trance, worship, brainwashing, NLP, triggers, altered states, amnesia, psychic bondage/chastity, torture, reprogramming, behavioral modification, obsession, mantra)

Discipline, Obedience

Feminization (makeovers, full transformation, lessons) / Gender Play / Sissy & Slut Training  


Feminist Cuckolding 

Humiliation (of all varieties)

Scenes in Nature/Ecofetishism/Feral play (Hudson Valley specific)

Tease & Denial


Chastity Training

Financial Domination

Psychological Edge Play--

Manipulation / Coercion / Blackmail / Interrogation  / Gaslighting 

Religious Play (de/re-programming, blasphemy, goddess worship, occult fetishes, confession, ritual)

Roleplay / Psychodrama

Sensory Play (wax/ice, sound, deprivation, overload, sadistic experimentation, torture)

Breath Play 

(including Smothering)

Impact Play (flogging, caning, paddling, spankings/OTK)

Face Slapping



CBT, Ballbusting

Nipple Torture 

Dental / Medical Eamination & Experimentation 


Restraint / Bondage / Immobilization / Mummification

Human Furniture



Tickle Torture

Boot/Heel/Foot Worship

Puppy / Pet Training & Play


Strap/Oral/Anal training, Pegging, Fisting



My hard limits are with switching, full nudity, intimate body worship, race-play, fat-shaming, brown showers & forced-intoxication. 

I will NOT tolerate racism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, rudeness, or pressure. 


The cover photo & Photo 14 shot by Collette,

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